Striped Polo Shirts for Pets

Striped Polo Shirts for Pets

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This polo shirt for dog is made of premium TC material and elaborately designed to give your lovely puppy a new look for Spring and Autumn. The shirt has classic stripes and number 5 on its back, which makes it a perfect sport-style wearing for your dog. Choose one and present to your dog as a heart-warming gift.


- Color: Red.
- Material: TC.
- Size Chart:
  Size S: 23 cm(Neck); 30 cm(Bust); 20 cm(Length);
  Size M: 26 cm(Neck); 37 cm(Bust); 25 cm(Length);
  Size L: 30 cm(Neck); 44 cm(Bust); 30 cm(Length);
  Size XL: 33 cm(Neck); 49 cm(Bust); 35 cm(Length);
  Size 2XL: 35 cm(Neck); 55 cm(Bust); 40 cm(Length).
- High-quality TC material with delicate texture, this dog shirt is comfortable to wear.
- Classic stripes and polo shirt design. The shirt can make your puppy more eye-catching.
- Number 5 on the back. This pattern makes the shirt look like a sport wearing.
- Perfect look for different occasions, like daily wearing and pet competitions.
- Please check your puppy's size carefully before purchasing.